Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Libraries and the Internet Governance Forum

The Internet is increasingly central to the way we create, share, access and use information. For libraries to be able to achieve their mission of providing universal, equitable and meaningful access to information, it has to work for everyone. IFLA has produced a number of statements advocating for this, notably around Public Access, Internet Shutdowns and Digital Literacy.

A key global forum for discussing relevant policy questions is the Internet Governance Forum, a UN body allowing for informal discussion and sharing of views between governments, business, experts and civil society. IFLA has attended the global forum and been represented at regional ones. There are also many national events, which can offer libraries an opportunity to build a profile, promote our work and value, and network useful contacts.

IFLA's new guide, Get into IGF, sets out what the IGF is, why engaging helps libraries, and offers some ideas for what libraries and library associations can do to get involved. You can download the guide on IFLA's website at

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