Friday, March 12, 2021

Additional IFLA events for March announced

 IFLA’s Professional Unit Virtual Events for March, continued…


Strengthening Recovery and Accelerating Development through Informed Governments and Societies


TODAY! Friday, 12-March – 12:15-13:45 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Meaningful access to information can have a decisive influence on the ability of individuals and communities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As a cross-cutting factor of development, it can drive progress across the board, enabling people to take better decisions, and seize opportunities connected to everything from escaping poverty to better governance.


This side-event of the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development will make the case for viewing information, including both access to it and the skills to use it, as a driver of recovery in the short term, and an accelerator towards UN 2030 Agenda success.  It will draw on the experience of libraries and others working to improve access, hearing about their work in providing this service during COVID, and how more can be done to realise the potential of information. 



  • Francisco Pisano, Director, UN Library, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Paolo Lantieri, World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Raphaelle Bats, University of Bordeaux, France
  • Franziska Baetke, Komision Biblio2030, Switzerland

-Organised by the IFLA Policy and Advocacy Team as a Side-Event of the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development 2021



Library and Information Science (LIS) Student Voices: Global Peer-to-Peer Dialogue


Friday, 19-March – 14:00-15:00 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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The proposed project will connect library and information science (LIS) students all over the world to communicate and discuss the present and future of the LIS field. The peer-to-peer exchange among LIS students creates a platform to highlight experiences, engage ideas and express opinions about LIS education and the profession -- valuable insights for an evolving field and for their own professional future. It will develop an international network for LIS students to share experiences and perspectives, connecting the local to the global. While the primary audience is LIS school students, the project should be of interest to LIS educators, practitioners and stakeholders.



  • Monay Alejo (Argentina)
  • Brendan Latran (Kent State)
  • Alena Katina (St. Petersburg State)


-Organised by the IFLA Sections on Education and Training (SET), Libraries Theory & Research (LTR) and their joint working group, BSLISE



Informed Citizens, Societies and Governments for Sustainable and Resilient Recovery


Tuesday, 23-March – 02:15-03:45 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Governments, communities and individuals across the Asia-Pacific region will have many tough decisions to make if we are to achieve sustainable and resilient recovery from COVID-19. A precondition for doing this well will be to be well-informed. 


This side event, held at the time of the 8th Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development, will draw on experience from civil society, government and the research field to explore the case for a holistic approach to promoting meaningful and equitable access to information, and the challenges to overcome. It will look, in particular, at the role that libraries of all types can play in helping the region, and the world, to build back better.


-Organised by the IFLA Policy and Advocacy Team as a Side-Event of the 8th Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development



Open Houses - Meet CPDWL (Two sessions)


Tuesday, 24-March – 04:00-05:00 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Thursday, 25-March – 17:00-18:00 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Want to learn more about CPDWL and our activities? Interested in joining us? An IFLA call for nominations/elections are coming up and we'd welcome you all to meet with us in these two open house webinars! Bring your questions and ideas!


-Organised by the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section (CPDWL)



Library Design Matters! Reboot: The New Narrative


Thursday, 25-March – 21:00-22:00 CET/UTC+1 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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The webinar will present the views of three library leaders on the future of space design. Key Questions will be addressed and discussed.

  • What do you see as the primary use of library physical space in the short term and the long term?
  • What library services will be offered onsite and offsite and how does library space design feature in the delivery of such services?
  • How will technology be deployed to replicate virtually library services currently provided face-to-face?
  • What are the personal challenges for library staff and clients? For you?
  • What are the unexpected benefits of new ways of operating libraries?
  • If you were to summarise in one sentence your learnings so far of new ways of designing library spaces and services during a pandemic, what would that be?


  • Ton van Vlimmeren, recently retired as Director from the Utrecht Public Library, who with a wealth of experience in European libraries and PICA Library Network, will reflect on the past and look forward to the future;
  • Carolyn Robertson, Libraries and Information Manager at Christchurch City Council in New Zealand, who will present a scenario of maintaining and developing community library services against the background of New Zealand's successful elimination approach to managing the pandemic;
  • Cathal McCauley, University Librarian, Maynooth University, Ireland, Dublin, who will focus on the significance of reinvigorating and redeveloping library services in a disrupted environment while at the same time managing fluid services to the academic community in a constantly-changing environment.
  • Janine Schmidt and Marian Morgan Bindon will host the webinar

-Organised by the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES)



Be sure to visit IFLA’s Calendar of Events for additional details, and our recordings of previous events playlist located on the IFLA YouTube channel.

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