Monday, June 3, 2019

Journal of Library Administration - Call for Submissions for Global Perspectives Column

The Journal of Library Administration informs readers on research, current developments, and trends related to the leadership and management of libraries. Stressing the practical, this forward-looking journal provides information that library administrators need to manage their organizations efficiently and effectively. In today’s global environment, library administrators must make complex and challenging decisions to help institutions achieve their mission, vision and goals.

The “Global Perspectives” column gathers views on current topics of global interest from authors worldwide.

Topics of importance to library administrators may include:
    •    Collaboration across types of libraries, regions, and national boundaries
    •    The Role of international Library and Information Science (LIS) associations and organizations
    •    Role of technology in the management of library and information centers
    •    Building rich, robust, and sustainable digital collections
    •    Assessment – new perspectives and methods
    •    Facilities-Creative/ new models and how to use space effectively
    •    Human Resources- Good practices, effective management styles
    •    Information Literacy
    •    Equitable Access to Information
    •    Open Access (OA) / Open Educational Resources (OER)
    •    Multilingual Information Access
    •    Services to multicultural / diverse populations
    •    User Experience

Interesting research, reports, opinion pieces, case studies or comparative studies are welcome! Both successful and unsuccessful projects have value to readers who want to learn and an exchange of ideas is crucial for library administrators who seek to create the best organizations possible. Contributions from across the globe add a richness that is the voice of today’s global information infrastructure.

Submission Instructions
Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals are invited to submit proposals and articles to the column editor at In keeping with the JLA’s focus, articles should clearly articulate the role of administrator(s) or management. Articles should be at least 3000, and should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

For more information about the Journal of Library Administration, including complete submission instructions, please visit the journal’s webpage:

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