Thursday, May 30, 2019

Introducing the Global Library Services Discussion Group

The ACRL Global Libraries Discussion Group is presenting an “Online Open House” webinar to introduce itself June 3, 2019 at 12:00pm EST.

This Discussion Group was formed as a forum for librarians to discuss global library partnerships, international library cooperation, and library services for overseas partners.

At this open house you can learn all about the Group, and meet other librarians who may be doing (or wanting to do) similar international cooperation as you.

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Your hosts:
Dan Perkins, NYU Global Services Librarian
Hong Cheng, University of Cincinnati Global Services Librarian

About the ACRL Discussion Group
The Global Library Services discussion group serves as a unique venue for librarians to participate in conversations regarding library support at an international level. It allows a network of librarians to exchange knowledge and develop sustainable services to support teaching and research.

The focus of this group is on providing library support to patrons who use library services abroad, in different time zones, under different cultural, socio-political, and technological circumstances. The librarians may travel abroad, but work primarily on location at their home institutions. As such, they need to utilize unique support structures, deploy situation-appropriate outreach strategies, and innovate solutions, all with well-developed intercultural competences. In addition, this group also discusses how to provide support for broader global initiatives of their libraries or institutions.

This discussion group will:
  • Follow and share emerging trends in international education, research, and global librarianship;
  • Advance understanding of requirements of teaching and learning in overseas campus, branches, or programs;
  • Share creative ideas for developing library services to meet these needs and at the same time develop strategies and solutions for seamless integration with services in home institutions;
  • Exchange best practices for promoting technological or instructional solutions to enhance information literacy support abroad;
  • Develop ways to broaden intercultural competencies among staff;
  • Provide opportunities for librarians to collaborate on relevant projects and programs;
  • Provide leadership and support to fellow librarians who are interested in or engaged in this area of service;
  • Exchange practical ideas for developing and maintaining partnerships from libraries’ global initiatives. 
John Hickok, Co-convener 2019-2020
Outreach Librarian
California State University Fullerton

Holly Hubenschmidt, Co-convener 2019-2020
Head of Instruction & Liaison Services/Co-director of the Global Leadership Academy Webster University
St. Louis, MO

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