Monday, June 14, 2021

ALA Annual Conference is quickly approaching. As you schedule your virtual experience, please consider viewing and supporting Strengthening Societies: Libraries as Critical Institutions in Helping Communities Manage Change, available On Demand. This session and pre-recorded Q&A are moderated by members of the ALA International Relations Round Table Papers and Projects Session Committee.


We are pleased to welcome speakers from China, Singapore, and the US! This session explores how libraries support their comm
unities during times of unrest and uncertainty that can cause collective trauma. Speakers will explore how their libraries play a role in keeping their communities strong and resilient, from disaster recovery, stepping up to address inequality, providing social and mental support, facilitating conversations and actions, whether it is social justice or bridging understanding, all the way to preparing for longer term changes in the way we deliver services and content. #ALAAC21 @alairrt


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