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Upcoming IFLA Events


DeepFakes: New Frontiers in Disinformation


Tuesday, 4 May, 17:00pm - 18:00pm CEST UTC+2 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Deepfakes are the hot topic in the media today. But what are they and why does IFLA need to be concerned with this emerging technology? Deepfakes are manipulated audio visual content created by machine-learning algorithms. For example, a person in an existing image can be replaced with another's likeness and that likeness can be made to say and do things the person never did. This session will provide an overview of the technology and its implications for social trust, discuss examples of deepfakes in entertainment, politics, financial markets, and privacy, and analyze why this problem is so difficult to solve. Finally, it will address the policy, technology, and education solutions required to address malicious deepfakes. Time will be available for chat/Q&A.


Speaker: Kathryn Harrison, Founder and CEO of DeepTrust Alliance


-Organised by the IFLA News Media Section (NEWS)




Realizing the Potential of Open for Equitable, Resilient Recovery

A side-event to the United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation Forum


Wednesday, 5 May – 18:30-20:00 CEST/UTC+2 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Open access and open science more broadly have great potential to accelerate the research necessary to deliver on the SDGs, as well as to place high quality information into the hands of citizens, helping them take better decisions.


Yet openness alone does not guarantee equity in access to and use of information to support development. Furthermore, the abundance of free information sources online can all too often lead to confusion and the rapid spread of misinformation. The COVID-19 pandemic has only underlined the urgency of finding solutions.


This side-event will therefore explore the issues which governments and other stakeholders will need to resolve in order to realise the potential of open access and open science as accelerators of strong, sustainable and equitable development.



  • Dilara Begum, Chair, Department of Information and Library Sciences, East-West University, Bangladesh
  • Ellen Tise, Senior Director, Library and Information Services, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Omo Oaiya, Chief Strategy Officer, WACREN, Ghana
  • Thanos Giannakopoulos, Head, Dag Hammarskjold Library
  • Jonathan Hernandez Perez, Researcher, UNAM, Mexico


-Organised by the IFLA Policy and Advocacy Team



Environmentally inspiring and engaging: Buildings, research, education and library services


Thursday, 6 May, 14:00 - 16:00 CEST/UTC+2 (Live AI Closed Captioning and transcription available)

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Please join Environment, Sustainability and Libraries (ENSULIB) and Preservation & Conservation (P&C) Sections for a joint webinar. Our speakers will present papers on a wide range of sustainability and library issues, such as environmentally sustainable libraries and library services, sustainable library and LIS projects, library educational programs, and sustainable technologies (both digital and physical) for library material preservation and conservation.


-Organised by the IFLA Environment Sustainability and Libraries (ENSULIB) and Preservation and Conservation (P&C) Sections




Library Design Matters! Outdoor Spaces as Key Library Assets


Thursday, 6 May – 21:00-22:00 CEST/UTC+2

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Outdoor Spaces are Key Library Assets, the second in our free webinet series, will showcase the exciting work of two leading architects, Marina Stankovic, Architekten BDA and Stephan Schütz, gmp Gerkan, Marg & Partners, in conversation with Klaus Werner, Freie Universitat Berlin. Library projects from Europe and Asia will be presented: a new library building and campus in a biodiverse setting in Laos and a transformed 1970s building in urban Berlin. Register today and watch the 50 minute webinet "live" on May 6th or view event on the IFLA YouTube channel at your leisure. Don’t miss this stimulating session.


- Organised by the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES)




Be sure to visit IFLA’s Calendar of Events for additional details, and our recordings of previous events playlist located on the IFLA YouTube channel.



Megan Price

Professional Support Officer

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions



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