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Russian History in Digital Format : a free online webinar

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ASEEES CLIR's Subcommittee on Education and Access is inviting you to Russian History in Digital Format, a free workshop presenting three of the major Russian e-libraries. Please share this information with academic departments, affiliated groups and anyone who may be interested in attending.


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Russian History in Digital Format


Webinar of the Education and Access Subcommittee of Committee on Libraries and Information Resources of the American Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES CLIR).


March 19 19:00 (Moscow), 11:00 AM (EST)


The purpose of the event is to present major digital collections on Russian history to American scholars and librarians.


Register in advance for this meeting:




B.N. Yeltsin Presidential Library  

Lyubov Zavyalova, PhD History, Senior Coordinator of the Department of Linguistic and Technological Support of the Presidential Library


The Presidential Library is a national library of the Russian Federation. It was opened on May 27, 2009. The library is a national electronic repository of documents on history, theory and practice of Russian statehood and on Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation. Presidential Library also serves as a multifunctional multimedia center for cultural, educational, research, learning, analytical and information purposes.


Electronic library of historical documents of the Russian Historical Society

Kirill Fesenko

The goal of the project is to create an open access electronic library of historical documents, in which researchers will be able to find all historical documents published in Russia since 1991. In addition to the archival documents the creators of the project will gradually add comments and notes from the published document collections to the resource.


Primary Sources on Russian Political History in the Open Access Electronic Library of the State Public Historical Library

Irina Novichenko, PhD History, Head of the Special Collections Department, GPIB of Russia,


In recent years, many new materials on the political history of Russia were added to the collection of the Electronic Library of the State Public Historical Library. Among them are materials that cover new and in-demand subjects, such as the revolutionary movement in Russia, the history of the world communist movement and rare publications by the authors who were repressed during the years of the Great Terror.





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