Monday, November 16, 2020

Gentle reminder - Free IRRT webinar-Reaching national impact in Kenya and Namibia

Reaching national impact in Kenya and Namibia: EIFL’s strategy for public library development
Using a combination of key partnerships, an extensive capacity-building programme, and a network of public libraries, EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) and its national partners – The Kenya National Library Service (knls) and the Namibia Library and Archives Service (NLAS) developed a sustainable in-house continuous professional development program for public librarians. Already over 650 librarians have received training from expert local trainers. EIFL is looking to expand and adapt this program to other EIFL partner countries in Africa, where public libraries have been or are being equipped with public access computers and the internet. In the session we will review EIFL’s approach and plans for the future, and you will hear from local librarians about the impact of the program. Strengthening continuous professional development of public libraries in Kenya and Namibia is part of EIFL’s broader capacity building initiative for public librarians in Africa. Read more at:

• Susan Schnuer, EIFL- Public Library Innovation Programme (PLIP) Capacity Building Manager, USA (former IRRT Chair)
• Caroline Ngacaku, Principal Librarian, knls/Muranga Public Library, Kenya
• Kaltuma Sama, Head Librarian, knls/BuruBuru Public Library, Kenya
• Yusuf Ganyana, ICT Officer, knls/Kibera Public Library, Kenya
• Aletta Dunn, Chief Librarian/ Public Libraries, Namibia Library and Archives Service (NLAS), Namibia.

MODERATOR: Dr. Ugne Lipeikaite, EIFL, PLIP Impact Manager, Santiago, Chile.

Time: Nov 18, 2020 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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