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Information professionals are in high demand and bring unique skill sets to a range of organizations. Join us to learn about the interesting and exciting work being performed by SLA members in a variety of roles at different types of organizations. Find out what a “typical” day looks like for them, how their career path led to their current role, and what skills they deem essential for success. Leverage their insights to better position yourself for your next opportunity!

One of four experienced panellists, SLA Europe President Seema Rampersad is currently the Senior Business Researcher and Service Manager, the Business & IP Centre at the British Library, and is also the President of SLA Europe.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, Seema Rampersad went to London England to study Information and Communication. She worked for the Intelligence Unit at the Greater London Authority and for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Business Information Centre for many years.

Seema is currently working at the British Library’s Business & IP Centre for start-up and growing businesses.  She is still an advocate for traditional library and information services and skills. Though, in both roles, she has continued to use new technologies for collaborating across subject areas and borders. At present, she is interested in social media and the use of multimedia as business and professional development tools for managing and delivering information and knowledge.

Thursday, 27 August 2020 22:00 BST
Free to all
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