Monday, October 14, 2019

Free webinar: Introduction to careers in library publishing

Join us on Tuesday, October 29th at 1:00PM Eastern Time for a free webinar designed to introduce library publishing as a career track for new professionals from underrepresented groups. This hour-long webinar is presented by the Educopia Institute as part of the IMLS-funded Library Publishing Curriculum project

Like most specialized subfields of academic librarianship, access to library publishing as a career often happens through informal exposure and networking with experienced professionals. This pathway is often less accessible to librarians from underrepresented groups and those working at smaller or less well-resourced institutions. One of the goals of the Library Publishing Curriculum is to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into the everyday work of library publishing, and this webinar is meant to provide an on-ramp into the profession for interested library professionals and students - especially those from groups traditionally underrepresented in academic librarianship. In it, we will present an overview of library publishing, explore common roles and job functions in this burgeoning field of librarianship, and provide advice on how to build your skills and network to pursue a library publishing career. 

To register, please fill out the registration form. Call-in information will be sent out to registrants by Friday, October 25th. Email with questions. The webinar will be recorded and the recording will be made available on the Library Publishing Coalition website. 

Content description

·  To introduce individuals from underrepresented or marginalized groups to the world of digital publishing and networked communications, with emphasis on what this career pathway looks like and how they can pursue it;
·  To provide an overview about the wide range of digital publication functions libraries engage in today;
·  To offer concrete suggestions regarding how and where to “train up” on this topic and function, and how to build relationships that might help lead to a job opportunity in this field.

·  What is publishing, and what do libraries have to do with it today?
·  What are the library’s most common functional roles in digital publishing?
·  What does the job market look like in library publishing? 
o What do the job titles and descriptions mean, and what do the positions entail?
·  If you want to become a library publisher, what can you do to get started?
o Go through the folder of materials
o Contact us for an ‘interview’ 

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