Sunday, April 15, 2018

2018 IRRT election results

Congratulations to our incoming and continuing IRRT Executive Board members:
    •    Chair-Elect: Richard Sapon-White
    •    Member-at-Large: Florence N. Mugambi
    •    Round Table Councilor: Sandy Hirsh

In addition, the following IRRT members were elected as ALA Councilor-at-Large:
    •    Chris Corrigan
    •    Julius C. Jefferson Jr.
    •    Alexandra Rivera
    •    Eric D. Suess
    •    Joan Weeks

Thank you to all IRRT members for voting in this year’s ALA Election.

We also wish to thank the IRRT nominating committee (Laila H. Moustafa, Ambrogino A. Giusti, Samantha Thompson-Franklin, and Julia Warga) for providing a strong slate of candidates.

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