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Call for Proposals (CFP) - IRRT Chair's Program at ALA Annual Conference

Call for Proposals (CFP) for Presentation at the IRRT Chair's Program at ALA Annual Conference

The American Library Association (ALA) International Relations Round Table (IRRT) Chair's Program Committee invites proposals for participation in a panel presentation that will take place at the annual ALA conference in Chicago. The panel presentation will be featured in the IRRT Chair's Program session.

Each year, the IRRT Chair's Program features speakers presenting on a specific theme related to international relations and the library. This year, the theme for the IRRT Chair's Program is:

Acting for Humanity: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Libraries

In 2015, 150 world leaders, with support from the United Nations Development Programme, adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to fight against injustice, poverty, inequality, and climate change. This program will address how we, as librarians and libraries, can take action to better the lives of all people and protect our planet.

The Chair's Program Committee seeks proposals from speakers who will be part of a panel that will describe and share the following:

1.     How individuals, libraries, or library associations are providing programming and education to advance peace and justice, alleviate poverty and hunger, reduce inequality, increase women’s rights and political participation, or protect the environment. 
2.     How individuals, libraries, or library associations are working with their governments, communities, and/or partners to advance peace and justice, alleviate poverty and hunger, reduce inequality, increase women’s rights and political participation, or protect the environment.

Examples of topics (presentations are NOT limited to these topics; creativity is welcomed and encouraged):

          Promotion of sustainability either through practice or community outreach
          Providing programming or services promoting gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls
          Providing programming or services that encourage political participation from historically underrepresented groups
          Fighting poverty and hunger, allowing all to live with dignity
          Promoting policies or practices that support sustainable long-term management of natural resources on land or water
          Taking action on climate change
          Creating partnerships, programming or services that promote education, literacy, basic human rights and quality of life
          Providing programming and services, or promoting policies and practices, to those within the justice system. For example, promoting government transparency and accountability, including the reduction of corruption, violence in society, and the enforcement of laws.

International librarians, library administrators, and library partners are especially encouraged to submit proposals.

Presentation Format:
The panel presentation will immediately follow the brief IRRT Chair's Business Meeting, which will begin sharply at Monday, June 26, 1:00 p.m. Each panel presentation will be between 15-20 minutes. Applicants are encouraged to consider creative and effective presentations to connect attendees with the topic.

All proposals must be submitted by January 18, 2017, for priority consideration.

Submission Guidelines:
Proposals should include:
1.     Title of the presentation
2.     A 150- to 250-word biography of the presenters/panelists
3.     Name, title, institutional affiliation, and full contact information of the presenters/panelists
4.     An abstract of 300-500 words, describing the focus of the presentation, on a separate sheet that does not include the name and affiliation of the presenter or presenters

Proposals should be submitted electronically (as a single Microsoft Word or PDF attachment) to Jeremiah Paschke-Wood at jpaschkewood@email.arizona.edu.

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