Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Invitation for International Day of Peace Celebration on September 21st - Mortenson Center

The Mortenson Center invites libraries and librarians around the world to join our International Day of Peace Celebration on September 21st In collaboration with the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign we are inviting our community to add their peace wishes to our Tree of Peace, and #treetyourself to our photo booth.

Tell us how you are celebrating at https://librariesforpeace.org/ and follow us or post your activities using the hashtags #librariesforpeace #peaceday

To learn about our International Peace Day initiative, visit librariesforpeace.org.  This website is for librarians worldwide to learn about what libraries are doing to promote peacehow they can initiate their own efforts, and where these actions are taking place; to discuss and share ideas of libraries and peacebuilding; and to serve as an information hub for an international library celebration and action day for peace.  

JOIN this Libraries for Peace (L4P) movement by going to the website to:

1.     Celebrate Library for Peace (L4P) Day on 21st September, 2016(International Day of Peace)
2.     Pledge to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
3.     Share your story of how you and/or your library are working toward building a peaceful and sustainable local and global community.

The Libraries for Peace web portal was created to advance the mission of theMortenson Center for International Library Programs, which for the past 25 years, has worked to strengthen international ties among libraries and librarians worldwide for the promotion of international education, understanding, and peace. Libraries as information, education and cultural centers have a role in advancing peace internationally.

For more information, please email mortenson@illinois.edu

Clara M. Chu
Director and Mortenson Distinguished Professor

Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
142 Undergraduate Library, MC-522
1402 W. Gregory Dr.
Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Email: cmchu@illinois.edu  Phone: (217) 300-0918
http://www.library.illinois.edu/mortenson ~ phone: (217) 333-3085

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