Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TNT Series - The Librarian - Henry Mendelsohn - IRRT Chair's Program Committee co-chair and IRRT member

Current IRRT Chair's Program Committee co-chair and IRRT member Henry Mendelsohn is officially an adventurous librarian according to ALA and TNT!

From the 12/5/14 ALA Direct: "ALA has partnered with the TNT network to help promote its new series The Librarians, which premieres December 7.

The show is about an ancient organization of librarians responsible for protecting the world’s greatest magical relics (like Excalibur) stored beneath the fictional Metropolitan Public Library.

ALA helped TNT find six adventurous librarians to highlight on the show’s website and social media channels: They are Liana Juliano, Felton Thomas, Henry Mendelsohn, Jessica Zaker, Audrey Barbakoff, and Aaron Schmidt. "

See Henry's page. All 6 are on this page http://thelibrarianstnt.tumblr.com/ and here. [One of the others, Aaron Schmidt, also works with libraries internationally!]

We have many, many adventurous librarians in our round table! It is fun to see one of our own recognized in this way.
KUDOS TO HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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